Geotechnical Consulting

Geotechnical Consulting

We provide geotechnical consulting services for projects with a wide range of needs. Our services include subsurface investigations, infiltration analysis, stormwater management options, de-watering systems, shoring, retaining walls, foundations, ground improvement, and pavement design. We also design earth and concrete dam systems and conduct groundwater mounding analyses.

Geologic Hazard Analysis

Geologic Hazard Analysis

We conduct site reconnaissance and subsurface investigations to evaluate the severity and extent of geologically hazardous areas at a project site or property. These hazards include mine subsidence, soil erosion, landslides and steep slopes, aquifer recharge areas, seismic-induced settlements and earthquakes, and risks associated with volcanic activity. Our analyses help determine cost-effective mitigation options to reduce or eliminate potential risks.

Retaining Wall Design

Retaining Wall Design

We can design numerous types of retaining structures for a wide variety of applications. These include modular block walls with geogrid reinforcement, rockery walls, Ultra or ecology block walls, crib-lock walls, as well as reinforced fill slopes. We also provide design parameters for temporary and permanent shoring system design; such as soldier pile walls, tieback anchors, helical anchors, soil nails, interlocking sheet piles, and drilled shaft walls.

Foundation Design

Foundation Design

As part of our geotechnical investigations, we determine suitable foundation options for all types of structures. These include mid-high rise buildings, residences, communication towers, and above-ground storage tanks. We design mat/raft foundation systems, caissons or drilled shafts, auger-cast piles, steep pipe piles, helical anchors, as well as isolated and perimeter shallow foundation systems. We also design foundation mitigation options to re-support buildings that have experienced differential settlement or other damage.

Complete list of services

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical & Geological Site Characterization

Geologic Mapping

Subsurface Investigations & Geologic Hazard Evaluations

Landslide Investigations & Mitigation

Shallow and deep foundation design recommendations

Excavations and shoring

Geotechnical instrumentation

Surface and subsurface drainage

Retaining wall design

Construction monitoring

Infiltration and groundwater mounding analyses

Ground improvement

Seismic risk analyses

Coal mine hazard evaluations

Pavement design

Slope stability analyses

Soil amendment

Erosion and sediment control

Laboratory testing


Phase I and II environmental site assessments

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